Welcome to Text4Heart

Text4Heart is a new study to test the effectiveness of a cardiac rehabilitation programme delivered via mobile phone. Text4Heart is.being conducted by researchers at the National Institute for Health Innovation, The University of Auckland, together with Auckland District Health Board and Waitemata District Health Board.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a programme designed to help people better self-manage their heart disease through education on cardiovascular risk factors and encouraging lifestyle change. It has been shown to reduce cardiovascular deaths and hospital readmissions by 25%. However uptake and adherence with cardiac rehabilitation is low, often due to a lack of time or transport to attend sessions. Mobile phone technology potentially offers a solution. We have designed a text messaging programme to help people make and maintain positive lifestyle changes.

We are looking for 330 volunteers who currently have heart disease (have had a heart attack, stent, angina). All participants will receive usual cardiac rehabilitation. 165 people will be allocated at random to also receive the Text4Heart programme for 24 weeks. Data will be collected on participants’ adherence to lifestyle changes (such as being physically active, stopping smoking, and eating a healthy diet) and adherence to taking medication.

If you would like to find out more about the study, or wish to express interest, please email : text4heart@nihi.auckland.ac.nz